El Volcancito

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Impressions: dark chocolate, butter, almonds, candied orange
Roast Degree: medium-dark (4/5)

Country: Guatemala
Location: El Volcancito, Casillas, Nueva Santa Rosa
Farmers: Jesus Rodriguez, Rigoberto Garcia, Romel Urias, Arturo Rodriguez.
Varieties: Pache San Ramon & Red Catuai
Process: Washed
Partner importer: Semilla

This coffee replaces the AMATENANGO. Same delicious profile, but a new, more impactful lot.

We are always trying to have a more meaningful impact at origin, and buying more coffee from the Cafe Colis Resistencia group in Guatemala via Semilla is where we can truly maximize that purchasing power.

We started buying single origin lot from there 3 years ago when we took the full production of Luis Roldan, a delicious staple on our menu.

When we heard that Luis helped a group of 4 young farmers create a local blend, we knew we had to take it all and incorporate this on our menu.

This coffee is now a part of many custom blend for our wholesale partner.
It's 50% of our best selling Chocolate Berry Blend and the caffeinated portion of our original halfcaf Mindful Blend.

It’s always exciting for us to see young people involved in coffee production, especially in communities like El Volcancito where many people migrate or go look for work opportunities in cities.
Supporting those efforts from small holders is crucial for the future of specialty coffee, so if you are also looking to have an impact with the coffee you buy, you can't go wrong by purchasing any of our Guatemalan single origins or any of the blends we use those coffees in!

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