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RHR Subscriptions are for those that want the best value and those that never want to run out of coffee. Get as much coffee delivered as often as you need.

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  • 2 x 227g bags of coffee, curated by us to help you discover new emerging origins!
  • BONUS: 100g wildcard sampler bag
  • For those looking to dive deeper into curiouser coffee with us!

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" I greatly enjoy the sense of surprise and discovery that comes with the monthly subscription. It’s an excellent way to try out new coffees every month which is made even better by the fact that Rabbit Hole’s lineup is frequently updated with new coffees! I also like how easy it is to skip or delay my monthly order when needed."

Vincent D.


"This Yunnan natural is so delicious I want to cry. Tastes like ocean spray cran-raspberry juice + marshmallow + bananas drizzled in caramel sauce.''

Umeko Motoyoshi @umeshiso

"I first stumbled across Rabbit Hole Roaster's coffee wandering the streets of Griffintown during my first few months of living in Montreal at the lovely Cafe Lali. Being a barista myself I was impressed and excited by Rabbit Hole's regional varieties. I quickly began to spread the word about this delicious coffee and found myself snagging a bag any chance I could. When I found out about Rabbit Hole's coffee subscription, I eagerly signed up! I look forward to receiving and trying new varieties each month and I still treat myself to a cappuccino if ever I see Rabbit Hole Roaster's coffee at a local cafe. Thank you for the work you do! "

Vania R.


Still not sure which coffee subscription is perfect for you?! The best way to know what you like is to give it a try!

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Staff Pick: Roaster's Selection

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Free Shipping + Cancel Anytime