About us

What we are all about.

We realize that coffee is an ever changing industry. We also realize that we are constantly learning. This means that our mission is constantly evolving.
So here are questions that we ask ourselves every now and then to make sure that we use what we learn to adapt and move forward: why do we deserve to take up space in this industry, and how can we occupy that space in a meaningful way? Basically, we keep challenging ourselves to be relevant and breaking down barriers when needed.
As the awareness and popularity around specialty coffee grows, it’s normal and fun to see many new companies be created. Although there is nothing wrong in following in others’ footsteps, we like to think of Rabbit Hole as a place where we dare experiment, a bit like a thesis.
Of course, we don’t pretend that everything we do is new or groundbreaking, but our approach to coffee might be a little bolder and more original than the average coffee company.
So here is our "why", our reason to be in business: we want to roast tasty and impactful coffee and use that to go beyond coffee.

The humans behind RH

Sophie Moreau & David Lalonde

Co-owners and Founders


We come from widely different backgrounds, but we had one thing in common: a desire to do things differently.

Not differently because it's a hype word: we wanted to challenge the status quo that dictates what companies can, can't, should or shouldn't do.

Sophie comes from a marketing and organisational background. She is behind most of the day to day operations like production, shipping, pricing, accounting and customer service.

She is also very creative and the one behind all our designs and website. She also enjoys roasting coffee, but there are only so many hours in a day.

David is the behind the scenes coffee person. From roasting to green buying, he manages the coffee program from the origin to the roasting.

He is also the one behind our social media accounts, trying to either sell you tasty coffee or educate on a wide range of topics like coffee's colonial past or the optimal way to brew a certain bean.


Curious about us?

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Coffee is our way to go beyond just business.

Beyond Coffee explained.

The average coffee company focuses on the brewed beverage way more than it advocates for those making this drink available to us: the farmers.

We think that coffee, especially at origin, is in itself a social justice issue due to the inequality of opportunity and the fact that we still mostly treat coffee like a colonial product, a commodity. That’s why we think that coffee companies should expand beyond the roasts and beyond the cup, because some issues are tied to coffee whether we want it or not.

We can’t in good conscience promote the work and sovereignty of Indigenous farmers in Guatemala when they fight an illegally operated mine on their territory only to stay silent when Indigenous communities across North America are fighting gas lines and fracking companies.

We can’t promote the work of Black coffee farmers in Ethiopia and Kenya, but stay silent about racial discrimination here at home.

We recognize that in order to be a good coffee company, we need to be intersectional. We understand that we can’t only focus on one aspect of sustainability, and that focusing on things only when it benefits us as a coffee company won’t have a long lasting impact. We do what we think is right whether or not it helps us sell coffee in the short term. We are confident that by operating this way, things will change for the better in the long run.

Climate change, racial injustices, capitalism widening the gap between rich and poor are all connected to coffee, but also go beyond the beverage we love so much.

That’s why we are in business: to talk about all of this while enjoying a tasty, yet impactful brew.

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