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A sliding scale product - accessible to all. You choose how much you want to donate.

Now supporting MECA For Peace. So many families in Gaza are in need of help after 11 days of brutal bombing.

David wrote a beautiful post on the subject that you can see here.


This coffee bag is not about us. And it’s not about taste. No logo. No tasting notes. No yellow and no rabbit.

The Pay It Forward coffee’s goal is simple: to bring awareness and financial support to important social justice causes.

Israel is expanding, and their settler mentality is not unlike what happened in the Americas a couple hundred years ago.

It is not self defence. It's ethnic cleansing. Genocide. An apartheid. Terrorism.

Now that the ceasefire is in effect, it could be easy to forget and think that all will be better, but that would be lying to ourselves.

Gaza needs help to rebuild. Families need food and supplies. But most importantly, we believe the spotlight still needs to be on Palestine and that anything else than the stop of the Israeli occupation is unacceptable. 


With love,

The RHR team

(The coffee is a medium roast, round and sweet, delicious and easy to drink)

*Available in 200g only.

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