Mystery Coffee - Getchusomegear X EightOunce Collab


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Tasty yet unknown coffee ;-)
Feels like green apple, hibiscus, honey and red currant.


Founded by Chris McAuley and facilitated in Canada by Eight Ounce, Getchu Some Gear is a community-led organization that connects marginalized coffee professionals with the tools and resources they need to further their craft and enjoy quality coffee in their own homes. Coffee pros with marginalized identities–including but not limited to BIPOC, 2SLGBTQIA+, and disabled baristas–face financial hardship at a higher rate than their peers making coffee gear less accessible to them. Your support of Getchu Some Gear helps dismantle some of those barriers, paving the way for more accessibility and inclusivity in the coffee industry.

Mystery Coffee

This coffee’s story is funny. It was sent to us mislabelled. What was supposed to be a washed caturra ended up being an enigma.
All we know about this coffee is: beans are big and it’s not a washed!

This coffee might be a mystery, but what is not is that coffee professionals should have access to brew gear and tasty roasted seeds.

Let’s raise money for Getchu with this one and at the same time, try to guess where it’s from, what the variety is, etc!


*Product only comes in 227 g (0.5 lb).

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