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People love our decaf and half-caf (Mindful Blend) coffees. This includes everyone from coffee enthusiasts, regular coffee drinkers, and decaf-only drinkers. After trying our decaf for the first time, people ask "Are you sure this is decaf? It takes too good.". Seriously, it happens all the time!

"I've switched to the mindful blend during my pregnancy, and it's amazing."

"The decaf is also great as a cold brew."

"My second cup of coffee is the half-caf, and then I squeeze a third with the decaf."

"I swear this decaf tastes and smells like the real thing. Are you sure you didn't give me the wrong bag?

Huerta Del Rio Decaf

Impressions: fudge, nutmeg, cinnamon
Roast degree: 4/6

Samaria Decaf

Impressions: mandarin, cooked apple, walnut, baking spices
Roast degree: 2/6 

Mindful Blend 

Blend: Oaxaca Dark & Huerta Del Rio
Impressions: brown sugar, blood orange, chocolate
Roast degree: 3/6

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