Baroida Washed


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Impressions: brown sugar, licorice, honeydew melon, chocolate
Roast degree: 3/6

Country: Papua New Guinea
Province: Kianantu
Region: Eastern Highlands

Farm: Baroida Estate
Altitude: 1700-1850 masl
Varieties: arusha, bourbon, mundo novo, typica

Process: washed
Partner importer: Sucafina

Washed coffees from PNG offer a comforting experience, but always with a twist!
And this lot is no different.

With the classic dark sugar / chocolate combo, we experienced hints of melon with a licorice aftertaste.

Solid as an espresso or filter, it holds milk well. This might become your new morning favorite!

This is only one of three PNG coffees we recently released, make sure to  also check out the natural or the honey.

The name ''Baroida'' comes from the Baroida spirit, believed by locals to reside in a large river rock sitting in one of the main rivers flowing through the estate. This particular rock has stubbornly remained in the middle of the river for as long as anybody can remember, refusing to budge through the most severe floods, even when other rocks have been washed away.

The Baroida estate, ran by the Colbran family, is used for both to their own production, but also as a wet mill and processing hub for neighbouring farmers.

They also provide micro financing before and during harvest, something that is dusky either inaccessible or. in the end too, expensive for small holder farmers.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a relative newcomer to the specialty coffee scene. The remote locations of the nation’s smallholders—who produce 85% of total coffee in the country—combined with historically-poor infrastructure has made the transition to specialty difficult. Nonetheless, the country is working towards innovative solutions that will lead to better quality coffee and improved livelihoods for the nation’s smallholder coffee producers.

Brewing Recipes

Method Input  Ratio Output Time
V60 20 g 1:15.5  310 g 3:00 to 3:45 min
Chemex 42 g 1:16 670 g 4:45 to 5:30 min
French Press 23 g 1:14.5 335 g 3:30 min
Espresso 18 g 1:2 36 g 28 to 34 sec

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