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Shoondhisa is one of the cleanest natural Ethiopian we know and we are happy to have it on your menu year round.
Its floral and fruity tone finishes in a subtle honey like sweetness. It's a beautiful coffee.

Impressions: strawberries, violet, lavender, nectarine
Roast degree: 2/6

Pedro Gomez

This lot from Tenejapa is so rich and full. It reminds us of cocoa butter and tangerine. There is a very nice tropical undertone with notes of tamarind and pineapple, and a rich caramel sweetness.

Impressions: caramel, tangerine, tamarind
Roast degree: 2/6 

La Bendicion

This coffee, from renowned producer Luis Alberto, is a pure joy to drink. It's delicate, and fruity. The blood orange and yellow currant acidity shines throughout the cup, with its honey sweetness closing the dance.

It can remind you of white tea as it cools down, and there is a subtle hazelnut and milk chocolate finish if you let it cool down enough.

Impressions: yellow currant, white tea, blood orange, honey
Roast degree: 1/6

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