Kenyan coffees are almost exclusively roasted pretty lightly in the specialty world, but the chocolaty and caramely sweetness of a darker Kenyan roast is so tasty!

This coffee will satisfy the espresso lovers always frustrated by shots that are often too acidic from lighter Kenyanj roast.
This coffee brings super sweet notes. Dark chocolate, caramel and nougat make the milk pairing delightful.
But the coffee is not close to dark enough to make the beautiful fruity aspect of this coffee disappear. You will find notes of dark cherries, raspberries, cooked peach and currant.

You can expect a thick body and a long aftertaste.
Need to compare it to the lighter version? Check it out here!


Dose Ratio Time
Espresso 18 g 2,1:1 28-32 sec
Espresso with milk 18g 1,9:1 32-35 sec
Americano 18 g 2.1:1 28-34 sec


23 g 15:1 2:45-3:15 min

 Chemex & Batch Brew

40-60 g 14.5:1 3:45-4:30 min

 French Press

18-25 g 14:1 3:30 min steep time
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