We've said this often: there is nothing like a good Yemeni coffee!
This one feels like a classic, easy going coffee, but it can feel complex once you sit down and really think about all that you taste.

At first, it's a very balanced, sweet and round coffee we could chug all day. Hints of citrus with raisin sweetness is how we experienced it.

But there is a subtle, tropical aspect to it. For us, it was reminiscent of a ripe banana.
And as the coffee cools down to almost room temperature, we had a note we truly never really felt in a coffee before: mint. Very fresh and unique, and it makes for an amazing cold coffee if you are into flash brews and cold brew.

Method Dose Ratio Time
Espresso 18 g 2.3:1 26-30 sec
Espresso with milk 18g 2:1 32-36 sec
Americano 18 g 2.3:1 28-32 sec


20 g 17:1 3:15-3:45 min

 Chemex & Batch Brew

40-60 g 16.5:1 4:30-5:30 min

 French Press

18-25 g 15.5:1 3:15 min steep time
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