RHR Long Sleeve Shirt Forest Green


We just finished some new design Sophie has been working on with Jes Coverini and making a cool long sleeve t-shirt seemed like a good idea! It was a nice process to create something that could embody our philosophy as coffee roasters.

Coffee is deeply unequal. Farmers take most of the risk and do all the hard work. But the finished product, along with most of the money, ends up staying in consuming countries.

The biggest impact we have as coffee roasters is when we buy the green coffee. Instead of chasing the highest scoring lots and buying from different farmers every year, we challenge the industry status quo by always committing to the same farmers every harvest. This commitment brings stability to producers, something they often lack from coffee roasters and importers.

This is what this design is all about: doing things a bit differently to make things more equal, while still providing you all with delicious coffee.


This long sleeve is cozy, yet light enough to keep you moving freely throughout your day. 
  • Classic Unisex fit 
  • 100% Super Soft Cotton
  • Printed in Canada
  • This garment fits true to size, but if you like a looser fit you can size up.

Finished Measurements

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