Las Cumbres Transparency Report

This is our second year working with Quest Coffee for our Nicaraguan offerings. Not only are the coffees like Las Cumbres delicious, it’s also easy to know where the money is going and what the process looks like to get the coffees from the farm to your grinders.

We paid 3.60USD per pound of green coffee to Quest Coffee (QC). This price is for the landed coffee in a warehouse in New Jersey called Continental.
(It costs us 0.30USD/lb to get that coffee to our roastery in Quebec.)

QC paid the exporter Luis Alberto 3.00USD/lb for what we call FOB, or freight on board.

(QC pays ~ 20-30 cents US to get this from Nicaragua to the Continental warehouse.)

The farm Las Cumbres is owned and operated by Walter Jose Picada Perez. He received on average 2.25- 2.50USD* per pound of wet parchment. This is often referred as the Farm Gate Price, or the price received by the farmer.

The wet parchment still needs to be dried and this is where award winning farmer and processor Luis Alberto (also the exporter), owner of Beneficio Las Segovias comes into play. He charges about 0.20USD to dry the coffee for Walter with his proprietary techniques.

Not only that, Luis also helps him connect with international buyers like QC and us, who will pay way more for specialty coffee. Local prices are lower than what QC paid for the coffee (way below 2USD during the last harvest).

*numbers are always very close but can vary slightly when we share in USD. A lot of transactions happen in Cordobas, the local currency, and the exchange rate to USD obviously changes daily. Some fees and transactions can also vary depending on variety, volume bought by either the exporter or importer, etc. but the numbers here are pretty accurate.

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