Joyful Blend


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Tasting notes: mulled wine, candied orange, chocolate, cinnamon

(comes in 227g bags only)
Roast degree: 3/6

We all need a little bit of joy in this crazy year known as 2020.

So this Holiday season, even if you can’t go outside, you will be able to sip on a coffee that will give you the impression of being at a Christmas market.

This coffee tastes like mulled wine, candied orange, chocolate and baking spices/cinnamon!

Yes, that’s right ;-)

This is a limited time blend of Lafu, Shoondhisa, Samariaand it's insanely delicious.

And to make this coffee an all around Holiday product on top of the christmassy tasting notes, we will be donating 1,50$/bag to True North Aid, who is supporting northern Indigenous communities in Canada.

We wish you all a wonderful, even if different, Holiday season, and stay safe.

Brewing Recipes

Method Input  Ratio Output Time
V60 23 g 1:16 370 g 3:30 to 4:00 min
Chemex 42 g 1:16 675 g 5:15 to 5:45 min
French Press 23 g 1:15.5 355 g 3:45 min
Espresso 18 g 1:2.3 42 g 30 to 36 sec

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