We Belong to the Land

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A bundle for Palestine!
We are very excited to launch this beautiful bundle with Chelsea from The Pollinator Project.
Despite claiming to be a progressive industry, specialty coffee people have largely been quiet about the genocide unfolding live in Palestine.
Here's a small effort to raise funds and awareness for the cause.

Please expect up to two weeks for orders to ship. If you order extra coffee, it'll all ship together with this bundle.

About the name

''We belong to the land'' is something you hear often from Indigenous communities around the world. They have lived in harmony with their environment for so long, until colonialism decided extracting all we can is the civilized way to go.
It's easy to know who is on the right side of history: you have people who understand they belong to the land, and those who believe the land belongs to them.

Hand designed and carved stamp print + a 100 gram bag of coffee from Rabbit Hole Coffee Roasters in support of Palestine. (250g bags and an extra bandana with the highest tier)

All proceeds will be donated to two fundraising efforts.

Currently, this includes the Gaza Sunbirds aid project and Roshdi Rashad and family’s evacuation funds. Donations will be sent once a week, and receipts of transactions will be shown @pollinatorproject on Instagram.

About the image: Three native wildflowers and a Palestinian sunbird encircle the words “We Belong to the Land”, also written in Arabic - نحن ننتمي الى هذه الأرض . Print is on cardstock paper and is approximately 6.5x 6.5. Paper and ink color may vary per order. Expect variation - they are hand stamped. :)

About the coffee: You will also receive 100g of roasted whole bean coffee. The coffee is from two producers that are part of a group called Cafe Colis Resistencia in Guatemala. The group, comprised mostly of Indigenous Xinka people, has been fighting a Canadian mining company who aims to destroy their indigenous land for profits. From Palestine to Turtle Island, the struggle against imperialism is the same. 

There are four donation tiers: $20, $30, $45, and $60. 

For the donation tier of $80, you will also receive a hand-screenprinted and naturally dyed bandana with the full print image as well as a 250 gram bag of coffee.

Please expect up to two weeks for orders to ship. If you order extra coffee, it'll all ship together with this bundle.

Final note: We recognize there are many many ways to contribute to people in Palestine. We encourage you to call your reps asking for an immediate ceasefire, show up in actions, support Palestinian owned businesses, and engage with Palestinians on social media.

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