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A sliding scale product - accessible to all. You choose how much you want to donate.

Now supporting Elimin8 Hate and Swan Vancouver.

Also make sure to check out our friend Jessica Lui's website as all the proceeds from her apparel sales until the end of April will go towards those oganizations. Thank you for recommending those organizations Jess!

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This coffee bag is not about us. And it’s not about taste. No logo. No tasting notes. No yellow and no rabbit.

The Pay It Forward coffee’s goal is simple: to bring awareness and financial support to important social justice causes.

The horrific shooting perpetrated on march 16th in Atlanta, Georgia, where 8 people were murdered, made us realized that we have to do our part in raising awareness to the massive increase in hate crimes against the AAPI community.

In both the US and Canada, racism towards the AAPI people escalated to what happened in Atlanta: a mass shooting. This is not a coincidence nor is it an isolated event. In Vancouver alone, where reported hate crime against the Asian community is the highest in North America, there was a 717% increase.

The surge in racially motivated crimes against Asian people since Covid is appalling.

Your donations in buying this coffee will go directly to help those Canadian organizations:

Elemin8 Hate provides an anonymous and safe reporting environment for Canadians of Asian ancestry experiencing anti-Asian attacks. To consolidate public resources in an accessible format to victims. To utilize reported data for actionable change.

SWAN Vancouver promotes the rights, health & safety of im/migrant women
engaged in indoor sex work through front-line service & systemic advocacy.

Hate crimes against the AAPI community needs to stop. Now. So talk about it. Share stories. Amplify Asian voices, especially female voices. (6 of the 8 victims were female).

Use your platforms to raise awareness.

With love,

The RHR team

(The coffee is a medium roast, round and sweet, delicious and easy to drink)

*Available in 200g only.

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