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Impressions: gingerbread, hot chocolate, cherry compote, prune

Roast degree: 3/5

We are back with our traditional Holiday Blend with hints of gingerbread for this special time of the year!
It’s an amazing coffee to make eggnog lattes or boozy caffeinated cocktails.

This year, we will donate 5$ per bag to True North Aid - Supplies to Thrive Program which covers the cost of shipping quality goods to remote First Nation communities across Canada.

True North Aid is dedicated to serving and supporting northern Indigenous communities in Canada through practical humanitarian support.
Many First Nation communities, hamlets, and towns across Northern Canada face significant barriers in accessing essential goods and services.
Often situated in remote areas that are only accessible by plane, barge, or are a long drive from major city centres, communities are forced to pay exorbitant prices for food (4 to 6 times more expensive than in big cities) and other goods.

This is a limited time blend of Shoondhisa, Luis Roldan Yellow Catuai & Decaf Colombia and it's heavenly delicious. 

We wish you all a wonderful Holiday season!🎄

Sipping on this coffee will instantly transport you to a Christmas Market or even make you believe in Santa again.

This coffee tastes like gingerbread cookies dipped in hot coco. It doesn't get much more Christmassy ;-)
It's also full of cherry compote and yellow prune notes, and the finish is as sweet as those sugar cubes we used to steal from the kitchen cabinet (we can't be the only one who did that!)

This coffee is also designed to pair well with booze (dark rum works particularly well) and eggnog.

You will have fun with this tasty blend, and we will donate 5$ per bag sold to True North Aid, a charity making sure remote Indigenous communities get affordable access to basic goods.

Method Dose Ratio Time
Espresso 16-20 g 2.2:1 30-34 sec
Espresso with milk 16-20 g 2:1 32-35 sec
Americano 16-20 g 2.3:1 26-30 sec


18-32 g 16:1 3:15-3:45 min

 Chemex & Batch Brew

40-60 g 15.5:1 5:00-5:45 min

 French Press

18-25 g 15:1 4:00 min steep time

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