Pay it Forward


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All proceeds (5$+ per bag) are donated to the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Fund

They are working with more than 40 Indigenous-led charities from across Canada. These organizations have a range of focuses, from social services to arts and culture.

This coffee bag is not about us. And it’s not about taste. 

No logo. No tasting notes. No yellow and no rabbit.

Social issues and injustices are unfortunately a part of many people’s daily lives. We are always seeking ways to engage our small, but privileged company, in meaningful ways. As a company who benefits from the work of BIPOC in producing countries, we acknowledge that we need to do more.

The Pay It Forward coffee goal is simple: to bring awareness and financial support to important causes within and outside the coffee industry.

(The coffee is a medium roast, round and sweet, delicious and easy to drink)

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