Return to Origin


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Impressions: ripe fruit, sweet, nutty
Roast degree: 3/6 

Country: China
Region: Guiben, Menglian

Variety: Catimor

Partner importer: Yunnan Coffee Traders

Full article on the project here

What is Return to Origin? 

This project began with an article series in which we set out to decolonize the colonial mentalities surrounding the coffee industry. Plain and simple, the relationship between coffee production and coffee consumption is severely unequal. The quality of coffee is reliant on the producer, yet the producer sees little return on this quality (as little as 5-10% of the end sale value is seen by farmers). This Return to Origin blend is the logical next step in highlighting this issue.

The main goal of this experiment is the redistribution of wealth to elevate the role of the farmer into a more equal standing within the supply chain. To do this, we are taking minimal margins to cover our costs as well as splitting the profits of this blend 50/50 with producers in Yunnan, China. With this extra revenue, a 150 person village in the Guiben region and the farm manager Mr. Liu, will decide where to reinvest the money.

With the first few installments they will receive, improvements and repairs to their wet mill can be addressed, which will allow for more efficient processing; leading to more profitability at origin, a capacity for more improvements, and—ultimately—better coffee. To be clear, there are no conditions on this money; it's theirs to use as they see fit—as it always should have been—whether it's coffee-related or not.

This blend of two Yunnan coffees, one washed and one natural, brings a great balance of what we love most about this origin: sweetness and ripe fruits. We hope that you enjoy this coffee, and thank you for joining us on this journey to decolonize our coffee mentality.

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