Tano Ndogo - Dark


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Impressions: dark chocolate, black cherries, raspberry, currant, nougat.
Roast degree: light (3,5-4/6)
Country: Kenya
Region: Kiambu County
Farmers: Tano N'dogo
Variety: Sl-28 (with a small portion being SL-34 and Ruiri)
Process: Washed
Partner importer: JA Coffee
Partner exporter: Vava Coffee

Except for one bag of Kenya we practiced with 3 years ago when we were starting Rabbit Hole, this is our first Kenyan drop.

''But Kenyans are so tasty, why did you wait so long''? Our two main goals when buying coffees are, yes, to create a tasty menu, but to also build long lasting and meaningful relationships at origin. Teaming up with Vava to offer Kenyan coffees made so much sense to us.

In 2009 Vava Angwenyi made the singular decision to create real change in the Kenyan Coffee industry. Between the challenges of poverty, corruption and fear, she saw smiles. She saw smallholder coffee farmers  that wanted to change their lives but could not get their voices heard.
Vava Specialty Coffee is  a social enterprise in Nairobi that seeks to cause positive social and economic disruption within the coffee industry and create sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farmers.

This coffee from Tano Ndogo- translates in Swahili to “The Small Five,”- refers to the five producers with small plots of land who process their coffee together. In a country and region predominantly controlled by the large cooperative system, these five farmers have a unique micro cooperative set up.

We also have a lighter roast of this beautiful coffee!

Kenyan coffees are almost exclusively roasted pretty lightly, but the chocolaty sweetness from a medium-dark roast is so tasty!
This roast is great with any method, but compared to our lightest roast of the same coffee, it'll make espresso brewing way smoother and easier.

You can expect a thick body and a long aftertaste. We had a lot of dark chocolate, caramel, dark cherries, nougat and raspberry notes.

Don't sleep on darker coffees! ;-)


Dose Ratio Time
Espresso 18 g 2,1:1 28-32 sec
Espresso with milk 18g 1,9:1 32-35 sec
Americano 18 g 2.1:1 28-34 sec


23 g 15:1 2:45-3:15 min

 Chemex & Batch Brew

40-60 g 15:1 3:45-4:30 min

 French Press

18-25 g 14:1 3:30 min steep time

Farmers: Tano N'dogo, a mini coop comprised of 5 producers, pretty rare in Kenya as it's usually bigger cooperatives.
Exporter: Vava Coffee
Importer: JA Coffee

Price paid by us to JA Coffee for the landed coffee to our roastery: 4,12USD/lb

Extra breakdown of costs included in the 412USD :
- shipping cost from Kenya to Montreal: 0,30USD/lb
- shipping cost from the Montreal's port to our warehouse: 0,22USD/lb
- import fees: 0,25USD/lb

FOB price*: 3,87USD/lb - Price JA Coffee paid to Vava Coffee for the green. This covers costs up until the coffee is safely inside the container, ready for export.

Farmgate price : 3,55USD/lb.

We paid Vava an extra 10% on top of the FOB price mentioned above. This money is used by Vava to hire a black photographer/videographer, and also to help cover travel costs and gather farmers's story and images.
Images of farmers are often used to promote coffee in consuming countries, and it's time farmers benefit from how we use their image.

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